Dice With Nobody

DICE WITH NOBODY is a single-player HTML5 adaptation of the popular similarly named mobile game.


The rules are similar to Yahtzee, where points are scored by rolling five dice to make the different combinations. The objective of the game is to score the highest amount of points possible. The player gets three times to roll per turn and after each roll selects which dice he/she wants to keep or discard before the next roll. Combinations are worth a certain amount of points as well as multiple dice with the same number. At the beginning of every game the player is given 1 bonus roll to be used during any turn of the game.


  1. Obtain the harder-to-get lower section combinations as earlier in the game as possible.
  2. Score 63 points or more in the upper section to receive the extra 35 point bonus.


Close attention to detail was employed to replicate the original game design including:

  • intuitive play field interface
  • fluid game play and pacing
  • score calculation system
  • dice bonus animation effects