Club Dominoes

  • Hand-drawn 16-color domino pieces and backgrounds.

Club Dominoes is an original two-player (computer or human) game designed by John Hanley written in GFA BASIC for the Atari ST home computer and was self-published and sold commercially in 1992.

The game featured hand-drawn domino pieces and backgrounds in 320 × 200 resolution with 16 colors (from palette of 512 colors). The main game play mechanic was selecting (via the mouse or keyboard) one of the player's domino pieces in the foreground that numerically matched either end of the domino train. Three popular game variations were included: Draw, Bergen and Muggins. The game included many configurable options including two different deck and hand sizes. In-game statistics were provided for strategic purposes. The game provided separate profiles to manage each player's win/loss history.

Single-player mode featured a sophisticated computer opponent, employing a tiered logic system to determine the next best move. Two-player mode allowed play against a human opponent via a serial cable connecting two computers locally or remotely with a modem. Real time chat was supported in two-player mode.