I am a veteran software developer with over two decades of professional experience.

I built my first dynamic website in 1995. My specialty is middle and backend development and have worked with the LAMP stack since 2000. I discovered Drupal in 2005, which remains my primary web development platform of choice. I have built dozens of Drupal applications of various size and complexity for business, education and non-profit organizations.

I am a passionate computer game developer. I started programming on-line games for a dial-up BBS (Bulletin Board System) I operated in the mid-eighties. During this same period my first professional game, Roto-Wrench, was published in a national computer magazine. This was followed by the release of Club Dominoes, a commercial computer game sold in retail stores. I have more recently created other original games for Windows and HTML5.

I recently started developing mobile apps using React Native and Expo, producing native code apps for Android and iOS.

I focus on three key areas of development:

Mobile Games

I create original mobile games for Android and iOS devices.

Drupal 8/9 Apps

I build custom Drupal 8/9 applications for business, education and non-profit organizations.

HTML5 Games

I create original HTML5 games played in a web browser.

If you would like me to work on your project, please contact me with details!