My Work

Team For Me is a sports team directory service whose goal is to make it easier for youth, adult and senior athletes to find teams in their local area.

My Pro Vitae is a marketing company providing high-quality sales leads to business via a custom survey response and management system.

Urbin Attic provides on-demand door-to-door storage services via an advanced bar-coding transportation and tracking system.

The planet of Plangoria is under attack by the evil Zerelions! If they penetrate the planet's core, it will explode and millions of lives will be lost.

Score the most points by rolling five dice to make certain combinations in this HTML5 adaptation of the popular mobile game.

This HTML5 interactive visually illustrates the transformation of a cluttered living space to promote the company's storage services.

This video is a trailer created to promote the computer game Battle For Plangoria. The style is inspired by vintage alien invader movie trailers.

CARE is a major international humanitarian agency communicating their message via an elegant and thoughtful responsive design.

The basement plumbing has gone haywire and there's no time to call a plumber. Hurry, grab your wrench and get to work!

A series of HTML5 learning activities for exploring what would happen to the ecosystem if severe hurricanes strike the rainforest too frequently.