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I am a highly experienced PHP and Drupal developer. I built my first dynamic web site in 1995 and have touched just about every major web development technology along the way. My specialty is middle and backend development and have worked with the LAMP stack since 2000. I discovered Drupal in 2005, which remains my primary web development platform of choice. I have built dozens of Drupal applications of various size and complexity including serving as technical lead for CARE, the international humanitarian organization.

More recently I have begun to transition into mobile application development using React Native and Expo. Unlike the other hybrid application development frameworks, React Native compiles to the native code, therefore can directly access the native phone features thus improving the performance of the hardware devices used via the app.

I have also been a passionate computer gaming enthusiast and software developer for three decades. I first started programming on-line games for a dial-up BBS (Bulletin Board System) I operated in the mid-eighties. During this same period of time my first professional game, Roto-Wrench, was published in a national computer magazine. This was followed by the release of my first commercial game, Club Dominoes. I have more recently created other original games for Windows and HTML5.

I am supported by a network of talented freelance designers, animators, musicians and developers.



I'm passionate about my work and focus on three key areas:

Do you need a dedicated mobile app?

I build mobile apps in React Native for maximum performance on mobile devices.

Do you need a Drupal website?

I build custom Drupal websites for your business and train you how to add and edit the content yourself. 

Do you need an HTML5 game or interactive?

I create quality HTML5 games and interactives to meet your organization's entertainment, customer relations or marketing objective.


If you would like me to work on your project, please contact me with details.