El Yunque

EL YUNQUE is an HTML5 series of interactive educational modeling activities originally developed in Flash.


Organisms in El Yungue seem to be well adapted to hurricanes, but what will happen to the ecosystem if severe hurricanes strike the rainforest more frequently?

Adjust the environmental slider values to produce a graph prediction model of the survival and growth timeline of the organism. An actual model graph is available for comparision.


Each activity required custom code to calculate the prediction model graph based on the slider widget values.

The curvature precision was lowered by reducing the number of plot points in order to increase the draw performance in HTML5.

The original Flash version supported manual keyboard input of the slider values. This feature was seldom used by users and subsequently dropped from the HTML5 version.


The graph grid and scale numbers are dynamically generated using a handful of parameter settings.

Custom logic was employed to handle the graph exit and entry points when the plot points exceed the graph area.